About Us

Sunmax has designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed commercial greenhouses, garden centers, and conservatories since 1987 located in China. Our company is undertaking various types of multi-span greenhouse, energy saving greenhouse, single sapn greenhouse, special shaped greenhouse and solar PV greenhouse project. Our business is building custom greenhouses and conservatories that help commercial growers, retail garden centers, research facilities, universities, and schools around the world. Providing customers greenhouse planning, design, construction and greenhouse structural skeleton, greenhouse accessories, temperature control equipment, insulation materials, garden materials and other integrated services, we also provide professional greenhouse cultivation technology guidance. Our long-standing reputation for superior quality at Sunmax is something we are proud of.    

We uphold the principle of integrity, quality and innovation tailored to manufacture the best quality agricultural production facilities for every customer, to become your most powerful partner. We not only manufacture the greenhouse, but also provide a strong technical suppor in your follow-up planting, because we have a sound follow-up technical service system, for your business to get better returns and success.