Venlo Multi-Span Greenhouse
The Venlo type greenhouse has large space, easy to arrange crop cultivation, the roof of the small spire in the form of the top space is small, can reduce the summer cooling and winter heating energy consumption, and the top of the shape steel structure, can reduce the impact of greenhouse condensation on crops effectively.

The main structure of Venlo greenhouse is the hot-dip galvanized light steel structure, covering material for is glass or PC board, according to the needs of customers or crops need to configure out the natural ventilation, fan wet curtain, heating system, irrigation, fertilization, fill light, automatic control system.

If use glass as the covering material, glass multi-span greenhouse has the following advantages:

•Large lighting area, light uniformity, heating speed, saving heating energy consumption, good insulation properties
•Long time using, Intensity is relatively high  
•Strong anti-corrosion, flame retardant
•More than 90% of the light transmission, does not decay with time

For the covering material can be divided into single-layer float glass and double-layer insulating glass, using special aluminum and anti-aging sealant strip for fixed. As the structure can be divided into Venlo three-ridge and two-ridge series. Under the gutter set up with slot to collect dew. Every system in the greenhouse can be controlled automatically.

If the covering material is PC board, the main structure usually use assembled hot-dip galvanized steel skeleton, and use special aluminum and anti-aging sealant tape for fixed. Every system in the greenhouse can be controlled automatically. The greenhouse has good insulation performance, excellent impact resistance, can resist the impact of hail, suitable for medium and high-grade flowers, vegetable cultivation, scientific research.

Main Size:

Greenhouse Span 8m  9.6m  10.8m  12m
Bay Width 3m - 8m
Greenhouse Height 4m - 10m

Venlo type greenhouse application:
scientific research greenhouse, flower market, eco-restaurant, high-grade flower cultivation greenhouse, seed breeding greenhouse, lettuce hydroponics, strawberry hydroponics and so on.