How to improve the premium rate of seedling products

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Update time : 2017-09-17 16:39:04
Seedling enterprises in the production and sale process should pay attention to the "premium rate" concept, low-cost strategy is not conducive to industrial development. Through a number of ways and methods to enhance the seedling product premium rate is the seedling business really do.

For engineering enterprises, low-cost bid is difficult to ensure the quality of the project, the same, for seed producers, low prices means that the cultivation of seedlings on the more limited. Many of the current seedlings are neither eye-catching ornamental and lack of adaptability to the environment, either planted down soon after the death, or is the yellow leaves drooping branches, with a weak vitality "residual". This kind of seedling product is equivalent to garbage, and the application of these seedlings to do the project is also likely to be "rubbish project."

The production process of seedling products is not just to give seedlings life so simple, like the training of children, we have to let him master a variety of skills, so that he is more perfect in all aspects, more outstanding in the future world of life more freedom And beautiful.

The real intention of cost control

Cost control is any business should do, low cost, high output, efficiency is high. But the direction of cost control is not to continue to reduce product prices, with meager profits or even no profit to compete with the opponent, this low-cost competition is "double lose": for the Miao side by way of price cuts even contributed to the Orders are not much profit to earn, while the mining side of the seedlings, although less money to buy the quality is not high defective, and thus increase the cost of changing seedlings, both sides have lost the transaction in the moment has occurred.

Although it is now the buyer's market, bargain also part of the cost control, but for the supply side of the nursery enterprises, to develop a reasonable price, earn a reasonable profit, to win the price to replace the price is long-term plan is The whole landscape industry has a meaningful thing.

Concerned about the quality, enhance the premium rate

Over the years, nursery practitioners on the quality of seedlings less detailed thinking and in-depth analysis, many people think that the quality of the upgrade is useless work, which is due to the immature concept of the past few decades caused by green. Today, the quality of nursery stock is already the consensus of most people, in this context, the concept of premium rate should be taken seriously.

Premium rate is the stock of professional terms, refers to the warrants before the expiry of the stock price changes need to change the percentage of the warrants to investors in the maturity date to achieve playing and. Application in the nursery industry is the value of your seedling product beyond the price you sell. The value of nursery stock is quality, poor quality seedlings, you want to increase the premium rate can only continue to cut prices, and consumers like the high premium products, for high quality products they are willing to pay a higher price.


There are several ways to raise the premium rate

High premium products are more attractive than low-priced products, so the nursery enterprises should focus on increasing the premium rate of tilting.

First, the regular cut off and transplant

The benefits of rooting and transplanting are that the fibrous roots of the nursery leaves are more developed, thus controlling the soil and water control, but also replacing the soil environment, improving the soil, increasing the fertility, and speeding up the growth of the seedlings. After cutting and transplanting, the seedlings are more round and full. Broken roots and transplants are usually carried out in the spring, the spring did not finish can be done in the early autumn time, other times try not to cut off and transplant operation. It should be noted that cutting and transplanting will affect the growth of seedlings for 1 to 2 years, but the seedlings will grow rapidly after the seedling stage.

Second, according to the use of bulk dry

Seedling drying is the order of the branch points to upgrade to meet the needs of different height, standardized production requirements of the nursery stock batch, generally in the garden and the park used in the nursery stock dry in the 1.4 to 1.5 meters, the conventional street tree Fixed dry in 2.0 meters to 2.2 meters or so, some special roads need to be dry in about 4 meters.

Batch can be done in addition to the seedlings can make more neat, beautiful, but also can adjust the growth of trees to improve the survival rate of transplanting, but the dry scar left to take some time to restore the general diameter of 5 cm to 6 cm seedlings dry After the scar healing faster, therefore, in the nursery diameter of 5 cm to 6 cm before the gradual progress of the nursery branch to reach the target height of the practice is more reasonable.

Three, like the haircut regular pruning

In addition to cutting the seedlings can be more beautiful and beautiful, but also can adjust the growth of seedlings, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, so that seedlings grow faster, but also to promote seedling flowering results. For pruning nursery varieties, special pruning can increase the literary value of nursery stock, and even make seedlings products unique, so as to enhance the selling point. Pruning needs to be based on different varieties of nursery stock, choose the best pruning time.

The above three kinds of not all nursery can do the production mode, can make the roots of nursery stock, dry, crown more vitality and charm, which in many seedlings products in the sudden emergence, not only in the nursery outstanding performance, but also in the project can also To high survival rate, short-term survival of the seedling to beat other seedlings products. Correspondingly, in order to improve the survival rate of seedling transplanting and shorten the seedling period, in addition to the above three ways, the soil lump excavation and dressing, bark, trunk, branches of the package and protection and container seedlings can enhance the culture Seedling premium rate of work can continue to deepen to do, do the more in-depth, seedling product premium rate will be higher, customers will be more willing to buy.

When the seedlings of these enterprises to raise the rate of seedling premium and the way to do the work of the beautiful and perfect, the enterprise's high standards also formed, the brand's characteristics also formed.