Gobi agriculture

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Update time : 2017-09-08 14:03:08
In recent years, through the Gansu agricultural workers at all levels of research, demonstration and promotion, Gobi agriculture has achieved good economic, social and ecological benefits. At present, is located in Hexi, Gansu Jiuquan and other five cities using the Gobi and other non-cultivated land has been built efficient solar greenhouse 5 million mu. On this basis, the future of Gansu will be innovative ideas, focus on strength, and stronger, do Gobi agriculture.
To this end, Gansu will fully consider the Hexi Corridor in different areas of water, light, temperature, soil and other natural factors, investment, production and marketing, transportation and other development layout, industrial production on the ecological environment and other comprehensive factors under the premise of the city to develop Gobi agricultural development planning, the construction of standardized industrial park, the construction of industrial seedling field, the construction of standardized matrix plant, optimize the production layout, the formation of scale advantages, to create in the country and the international community have a certain impact on the "Gobi agriculture" brand. Gansu should also strengthen scientific and technological research and development, increase the Gobi agriculture science and technology project, organize joint technical research, develop and improve the different areas of Gobi agriculture production, cultivation and quality standards, improve the standard system.
Gansu Hexi will also increase investment in Gobi agricultural infrastructure construction, increase pre-cooling facilities, wholesale market refrigeration facilities, graded packaging workshop, low temperature distribution center construction, speed up the origin of wholesale market construction, upgrading a number of large-scale fruit and vegetable wholesale market , Improve the market trading function. Increase the cold storage, cold transport, cold and other cold chain logistics construction, support leading enterprises to establish the province, outside the sales window. In addition, all parts of Hexi and related departments will also increase the training of professional and technical personnel and peasant masses, speed up the promotion of new varieties and new technologies, steadily and orderly expand the scale of Gobi agriculture industry and enhance the impact of Gobi agriculture.

To 2022, Gansu will strive to Hexi Corridor in the desert Gobi new 30 million mu of high standard Gobi facilities agricultural base, the production of vegetables, fruits, edible fungi and other horticultural crops 2.5 million tons, the annual output value of 12 billion yuan, the initial completion of infrastructure Complete, advanced facilities and equipment, high level of scientific and technological support, comprehensive production capacity, eco-friendly environment, distinctive characteristics of the Hexi Gobi agricultural industry belt, the Gobi agriculture to create a new economic growth in the Hexi region and agricultural transformation and upgrading of new support Point, so that the Hexi region to become China's western food, inland-based exports of vegetables and northwestern winter and winter off-season supply of fresh vegetables and an important base in the northwest and even Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia, the competitiveness of the "basket" production and supply base.