Greenhouse Energy Consumption

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Update time : 2017-09-08 13:42:33
The emergence of the greenhouse so that we do not have to consider the outdoor environment, you can grow their favorite crops. Greenhouses can appear in cold areas such as Heilongjiang, can also be used in tropical areas such as Hainan. Of course, these areas due to environmental control brought about by the greenhouse energy consumption is relatively high, increasing operating costs. Greenhouse energy consumption depends on the greenhouse design, but also depends on the operation and management of the greenhouse. The key to the design of the greenhouse is how to make efficient use of solar energy, the establishment of reasonable lighting, effective insulation and thermal storage design. Heating, cooling, shading, insulation and other systems configuration is to increase the capacity of greenhouse environmental control. The key to the operation of the greenhouse is how to arrange crops and stubs economically and rationally, making full use of local climate resources and refined energy use and management. China's multi-span greenhouse, solar greenhouse and plastic greenhouses are a lot of facilities exist, the latter two although the environmental control capacity is poor, but less energy consumption, as China's main production facilities, accounting for more than 90% of China's agricultural facilities. Multi-span greenhouse in China's poor operating efficiency, but also mainly because the energy cost is too high. Of course, the operation of the greenhouse is not limited to the energy demand arising from environmental regulation.

In recent years, in order to improve the greenhouse control capacity, a variety of energy-efficient greenhouse and active greenhouse environmental control system has become a hot topic. Energy saving has become the greenhouse design and operation and management of the key words. Such as the Netherlands is designed to save 40% to 50% of the next generation of greenhouse. Photovoltaic greenhouse, phase change material, heat pump technology, solar energy storage and heat release technology, root zone micro-environment control technology and LED and other new greenhouse, new materials and new environmental control technology has become a hot research and development